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How to create and present Slides?

Steps to create Interactive Slides.

By Meg
February 21, 2022

Steps to be followed:

  • Log in to the application.

  • Click on the event in which you want to give the presentation, or you can create a new event.

  • Click on Slides.

  • Click on New Presentation, give it a name and save.


  • Click on the presentation name to open and edit the presentation.

On the right side of your edit view, select the type of slide you want to add. The slide types you can choose from are:

  1. Live Poll

  • Multiple Choice

  • Word Cloud

  • Q&A

2. Content Slides

  • Heading

  • Paragraph

  • List

  • Big

  • Quote

  • Image

  • Video

  • Number

  • Instruction

3. Quiz Competition

  • Select Answer


  • When you are ready with the presentation, You can start presenting by clicking "Present" in the top right corner.


  • Click on the "Import" button on the top left corner to upload the presentation.


  • To reorder the slides select the slides on the left side and arrange them according to the sequence you want.

  • To Share the presentation click on the share button.


  • To activate the slides on the client-side, click on the Present mode


  • Here is the present mode


  • To navigate the slides click on the left and right arrow on the bottom right


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