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Steps to Integrate your event with Vimeo

By Meg
February 21, 2022

How to Integrate Zoom in to Vimeo to Stream it on your

This article explains how to Integrate your zoom call into Vimeo and stream your zoom call in your event.

1. Click on the Live events option to open the live event


2. Click on the "Create live event" option and enter the details of your event. The details include:

  • Event title

  • Recurring or One-time event

  • Start Date

  • Time

  • Privacy Setting


3. Once complete, your event would look something like this.


4. To copy the link, click on the "Share" option in the top right of the video. Click on the '</>" option to copy the embed link which would be required to stream your meeting in your vimeo.


5. Click on the "Copy" button to copy the embed link.

image.png6. Now you would need to open the dashboard. In the dashboard, open the event details in the agenda and click on the specific event in which you want to share your Vimeo video. Click on "Edit" in that section to paste the embed link in the "Video Streaming Link" option.


Make sure to crop the link to only keep the https://? part. Remove other details as seen below


7. Click on the "Save" button and publish the event and your details will get saved.

8. Go to the Vimeo page and click on "Next" in the top right.


9. Click on "Go Live" and your event will start streaming.


10. Now you would be able to view the live streamed Vimeo video on your streaming site.


  1. You can stop the live event from the Vimeo site, by clicking the ?END EVENT? red button on the top right corner.


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