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Present mode for hybrid or in-person event Slides Beta is for all types of events.

By Meg
February 21, 2022

Types of Users:

In Person User : This user makes use of the application to present polls to live audience who are physically present for the event.

Live Stream Users : These users make use of the live streaming feature and connect with the audience through the internet to participate in the event and polls.

Hybrid Users : These users make use of both the options available to them, which are in person mode and live stream mode. In this, the admin can connect with the participants either physically or through live stream.


The present screen has the following features:

1. QR code to participate in the poll.


2. Results of the poll.

The number of votes or percentage is visible in the present screen section.


3. Activation and deactivation option.

The admin can activate and deactivate the poll through present screen feature


4. Full Screen mode.


5. Next and previous buttons to move and forth to the other polls.


6. Option to switch between multiple choice poll and quiz.


7. Show Q & A option.

You can also view the recent, Starred and oldest Q & A.


8. Option to add new poll.


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