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Manage Q&A from admin dashboard

Managing your Q&A Session from admin dashboard

By Meg
February 21, 2022

From the admin dashboard, you can manage audience Q&A

1. Click on the required event present on the admin dashboard.

2. Click on Audience Q & A tab


3. All questions from anonymous and registered users are visible on the left side panel, which are available for review.

The questions under review are not displayed to the whole audience; it goes live only when approved by the admin.

4. The admin can review the question and click on the green tick mark present on the right-hand side of the question.


If the admin is not interested in the question, he can delete or edit the question before going live.


Once approved by the admin, the questions will go live, and they will be available in the live section present on the right-hand side of the screen.

The question and the correct date, time, and several likes given are displayed on the screen.


The admin can star the essential questions to highlight them while presenting.


The admin can also shift the order of questions as per requirement.


Finally, after the live session is over, the admin can archive the question by clicking on the green tick mark present on the right-hand side of the live question. All the archived questions will be current under the archive tab.


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