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Admin Dashboard Admin dashboard

By Meg
February 21, 2022

Admin Dashboard is where you can create a New Event and access all the events you have created previously.



This Section displays the admin details. You can also edit the First Name and Last Name. The profile picture of the admin can also be updated in this section.


Plan Info:

It shows the plan that the user has subscribed to and the features that come with it.

image.pngPrivacy Settings

Vote as Anonymous

This option allows participants to participate anonymously.


Side Menu


Event Tab

Displays all the events created by the admin and name, date, and respective event code.

image.pngAnalytics Tab

It gives the overall analytics of all events and displays the number of active events, likes, dislikes, and engagement scores. It also shows the number of polling votes to give a clear-cut idea about the event's participants.


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